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June 20, 2021


Cop Car

Who are you kidding, Bogie? As a certified member of this family, you came with a certificate of "craziness". Oh, well. Your house has taken the place of hiring a therapist by giving you somewhere to expend your mental energies - lol.

That is getting pricey, isn't it? Better your brain cells should get the exercise than should mine. Good luck!

Cop Car

P.S. The shed looks good in your photos from December, but I'll take your word for its condition.

P.P.S. The tree that you sent your dad for Father's Day is so intricately cut. Wow! I'll send you photos.


That shed is from pre-2003, I'll have to take some closer up pics to show the condition.


Concrete is likely the next thing to spike in price btw. WE can't keep it in stock. And its not just HD. I was talking to a guy who does the accounting for a large construction company a few states away and he says that if they need concrete they have to call in their order 1st thing Monday morning or they won't be able to get it for the week. No clue if its a labor problem or a supplies problem, but yah.

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