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May 23, 2021


Cop Car

I get a giggle out of the hammock, never having seen a cat hammock, before you started posting photos of yours. Cute kitties, as always.

You bought some striking irises, this year. Very pretty.

Reds seem to give recording/playback systems a hard time. Most TVs that I've seen show red as orange, to my eyes. You did manage to get the doctored photo color to match the un-doctored photo color quite well.

Interesting on the azalea bloom pattern.

Do the almond blossoms smell spicy?


The flowering almond blossoms smell sweet. Take that with a grain of salt, the pinks (dianthus) I planted last week are supposed to have a spicy smell, but they smell sweet to me too.

Cop Car

Thanks, Bogie. Our senses all differ, I guess.

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