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May 09, 2021


Cop Car

"They" have come up with better and better ways of packing live plants for shipping. Even though there were no "this side up" markings on my milkweed plants and I knew they had spent part of the shipment time on their heads, the plants were in perfect shape. I planted them on the 4th, and when I watered them a day or two ago they looked great.

Are those annuals a mixture of begonias & morning glory-type plants? Most people put their flower boxes in the fronts of their houses; but, you are wise to put them where you will enjoy them. Besides, you would need to install railings for such planters to work in front. When we had wooden railings on the back porch, I wondered if such planters would resist the wind.


LOL - yes most would put them on their front porch, but I never use that door. That is untrue, I have now let two people in my front door this spring (people putting in estimates for mini-split). Even that is unusual as most times I intercept them and bring them in thru the garage. And you are correct, I don't have anyplace to actually place a planter as the front porch has no extra room and the round metal handrails won't do the job.

Annuals: Geraniums (the middle of each planter), Pansies (purple plants in the center of the picture), petunia (the dark pink to the very left) and I don't remember what the white one to the very right is.


Didn't think to mention that the pansies and the white flowers are nicely scented.

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