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May 23, 2021



Here's been interesting to watch. The first day of the lowered mask mandate (no vax = still have to mask), most folks were still wearing them in stores, at least in the bigger city I work in. By Friday though the mask-less outnumbered the masked. In the small town I live in stores had signs up, but the smaller owned the store the less likely you were to actually SEE masks all along. So its hard to tell.


Later the day I posted this, I went to the local TSC, and their sign said that fully vaccinated people didn't need to mask, but everyone else did.

Then went to another local store, and they just had a sign that masks were encouraged (but not required). Maybe it is just the fact that every store in town has a different sign so people just got tired of the different directions :)

Cop Car

Because of the varying signs from place to place, I have having HH and me mask up until we get inside, anyway. I'm finding that most of the places around our area (Wichita-Derby-Winfield) do not require masking but that people do so, anyway. This in a state where 41.4% of the people have had at least one COVID-19 shot.

Of course, at the doctor's office (or healthcare-related offices of any sort), we are required to mask up.


NH is at 48.5% fully vaccinated. That doesn't include people that have been vaccinated thru work or school programs - only those that have gone the the state run sites.

I think we are somewhere around 56% with at least one dose.

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