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May 09, 2021


Cop Car

Many thanks for the lovely Mother's Day florals. Beautiful! You have such a wide variety of plants, and each is more beautiful than any other! I think the Tahiti is striking and I can imagine the hyacinth scent. You really must get a photo of the crabapple in full bloom, please.

It's been at least a decade since my last sighting of a catbird. I don't even recall where it was - not even what state. Oy! Such a memory, I have.


I didn't mention that Tahiti also has a lovely scent (not quite as strong as the hyacinth, but not faint either).

Cop Car

Great! BTW: I failed to mention the lovely dandelions that echo the yellows of the daffodils. Not only are dandelions pretty, but one won't starve as long as there is a healthy crop of them.
; )

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