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April 11, 2021


Cop Car

You missed your calling. You should have become a landscape architect. Super, what you are doing!

At one time, I bought some plastic edging (each piece about 1' long); but, eventually, gave it away. All of our edgings are steel. Difficult to work with, but they stay in the ground. (Of course, we don't get the extreme winters that you get.)

I should take more after you. As long as the pea gravel isn't too dark, I don't worry too much about not being able to match. Do I have to do that? lol


Nah, doesn't have to match. I'm more picky about the front section that faces the street. See the 4th picture, under the tree, the temporary stones I placed there really stick out. That stone isn't really what I would call pea gravel anyway, it is more jagged, but it was all I could find at short notice.

It would help if I planned these things out. I hadn't originally planned on digging out the turf below the tree, but decided it would be much easier, to do that as to lay timbers in the pattern that was already there (see second picture).

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