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April 18, 2021


Cop Car

Wet snow makes lousy snow ice cream, but it makes a lovely scene. First photo: Looks like a maple tree, but the tag isn't in focus so all I can make out is the price.

Glad you beat the slick. Sorry about your daffodils. The great majority of our older planting of daffodils did not bloom, this year - only the bulbs planted in Fall 2019.

They aren't the only birds that lay blue eggs; but robin's or bluebird's eggs may be that color, the size being different, of course. Beautiful color - the color of my first wedding dress (that had actually been purchased and worn to Elder Brother's wedding, giving me multiple wearings.)


Those are the blooms from the Burgundy Belle Maple - good eye!

After some googling, I think that is a starling egg - light blue, a little smaller than what a robin egg is, and I noticed in comparison pics that robin eggs are a sharper oval than starling eggs. Makes sense, I've had a bunch of starlings hanging around this winter.

Cop Car

Too bad about the egg's being from a starling, and that they've been hanging about. At our feeders, we generally have a single starling. That, I don't mind. And, any creature is welcome to water. It's when a starling calls in its 60 closest friends that I object. Why I, of European extraction, should object to invasive species from other continents is an inconsistency that is, I suppose, indefensible; but, I hate starlings, house sparrows, rock pigeons, and the ilk.

P.S. Yes, that egg is really too pale for what I was thinking, isn't it? By the time I wrote my comment the photo was off the screen and my memory for colors is atrocious. Sorry for the misdirection.

Kitty Bennecke

We expect snow on Tuesday, and I hope it will be much less than that in your pictures. I'd like to have my daffodils for a bit longer. The Star Magnolia ia already well past it's prime, so that won't be a loss. I was reading at Blue Witch's blog, and in northern England they are experiencing a drought. It reminded me that it has been some time since we have had a soaking rain, let alone a week of rain. It's noticeable that here in the Midwest, we have become much drier. From the point of view, I envy your weather.


We are down about 4" of precipitation for the year - that doesn't include the deficit that carried over from last year. The river 4 blocks away has not had its spring rise. The state drought monitor shows my half of the state at a moderate drought level - which is not good in what should be the end of our wet season (snow melt and spring rains).


Forgot to mention I have been in water conservation mode since last summer; toilet is only flushed every second use, birds' water is dumped into potted plants, no fall plants (I usually get cabbages and mums for the front of the house), the bird cages only get scrubbed every other month (usually every month), only 2 loads of laundry a week etc.

Cop Car

"If it's pee, let it be." That's my normal routine. When I die, someone is going to think, "My, she wasn't a very clean person." LOL It's good to see that Kitty is out and about.

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