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March 21, 2021


Cop Car

The stars aligned for you and Dude, Bogie. Wunderbar! (Autocorrect wanted to change that to WonderBra - giggling.) I love it when that sort of thing happened.

I put stuff out with a "free" sign on it; but, over the years I've learned that my neighbors love shelving of all kinds. The poor guys who patrol the neighborhood with their pickups don't have a chance on shelving. I don't care who takes stuff...as long as it goes to someone who will use it. About 15 years ago, I put your Grandmother H's electric lawn mower (& attachments & owner's manual) out Friday night. It disappeared before I arose on Saturday. Then - it occurs to me that I failed to give 'em the keys. I don't recall how I "packaged" the keys, but I put them out the next Friday night - and they, too, disappeared. I've always hoped it was to the same person.

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