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February 14, 2021


Cop Car

Like you (well...maybe not quite like you, we are having a sustained spell of below-freezing weather. (This morning we are at 2 Fahrenheit degrees above zero and are not supposed to get above 4, today.) However, we've had so little snow that most of the snow on our concrete areas had sublimated. We have an inch or so of fresh snow, this morning.

Cute photos of the kitties. Your kennel looks like you should be boarding animals - lol. Boy! The kitties really stretch themselves out to keep watch on that side of the house, don't they? Do they have snuggle towels on the ledges of the bay windows? Our shelves get really cold in this type of weather. I've always kept a cover on the bay window ledge in the kitchen during cold weather; but, your dad asked me a few days ago to put something on the bay window ledge in his bedroom. It seems that he had put his "brains" and phone on the ledge next to his snoozing chair while he napped and awoke to a phone that was really, really cold. You know how cold bothers him. I don't know why I hadn't thought to cover that ledge in the past 21 years.


The bay windows have towels to keep the planters from scratching the wood, as well as for a bit of insulation. The cats muss them up, I straighten them out, they get mussed, and so on ;)

I don't think we've had a day so far this year that it didn't get up to at least double digits. I could be misremembering just because this is an abnormally mild year temp wise and we've only had a handful of evening temps in the negative digits. I don't even think we've gotten into negative double digits (although -11 pops in my mind, but that may not have been my temp).

Cop Car

We don't normally get your low temperatures, of course; but, last night our front porch thermometer read -8 when I went to bed - and, evidently, stayed there all night. We are supposed to get up to +1 as a high, today.

I'm trying to reschedule grocery pickup from tomorrow to Wednesday (when it's supposed to get up to the low 20s); but Wally World's website isn't working just now.

The County Health Dept has changed their vaccine website so that it no longer asks if it has been 21 days since our 1st shots; but, currently, they are only accepting 2nd shot appointments through the 20th and our 21 days will have elapsed on the 22nd, so I have made an entry into my Outlook Calendar for the 17th.


Ok, the standing on the baseboard is cute as hell.

My bird feeders supply hours of entertainment for Trouble, and even Arty, I'll take it!

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