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February 27, 2021


Cop Car

You live in deep-freeze country. It will be a while before you can start gardening, won't it?

I'm starting to do my outdoor spring cleanup. Mostly to accustom my "muscles" to that type of activity, after I buried our garbage, yesterday, I planted a redbud sprig out by the utility boxes - where I had the redbud clump removed last year. The turkeys keep scratching the mulch and leaves from around my planting areas into the grass or concrete. Today, I plan to scrub the back deck to rid it of the bird poop from the 12 days of deep freeze that we experienced - during which the birds flocked to our feeders and heated bird bath.


I'll enjoy seeing pictures of the new redbud in the future!

Cop Car

You cheeky devil, you. I may not/probably won't live long enough to see it bloom. The sprig is about 10" tall. I think the old Greek proverb applies to old women, too.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. – Greek proverb

OTOH: This month (March), Hillside is supposed to plant two trees in our back yard that may produce blooms for me to enjoy - a redbud and a cherry.

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