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January 01, 2021


Cop Car

I was marveling at your having been able to snap that first photo, then read your comment about there not being enough light on the swampy side. Good photos.

Cute kitties and I'm happy that you're able to find made-in-the-USA-from-recycled-materials toys for them.

2021 just must be better for humanity. (Of course, humanity could be better for 2021, too!) I hope it is nice to you and that you can continue working from home.


That side is well lit by all the apartment lights that are on all night. There is the double LED flood lights you can see, one light above each door (6) at the apartment to the right of the the photo, one light above the stairs at those apartment to the right, and that street light in the picture - all reflecting off the snow.

The other side, only has the one street light (across the street from the front yard), so that is the dark side.

Cop Car

I've never understood the need for all-night lighting. Some give no thought to light (or any other) pollution. Our woods are lit up all night by the floods across the street from our driveway - all night.


To be fair, rentals property, especially apartments = need to reduce the opportunity for lawsuits from injury that could be avoided. Heck, for all I know, the codes requires it.

Cop Car

Motion-detection lights are cheap.


I was going to add the previous owner used to have motion detection lights, but they didn't' work very well. since there are no direct line of sites to the stairs to the parking lot. Also, having lights at top and bottom of twisted stairs to the different levels, don't detect either. I saw plenty of times the tenants went up/down the stairs with flashlights.

My guess is that code calls for lighting at all egresses for occupied buildings and the new owner updated the lights to account for that. The new owner hasn't been shy about spending money, so Cheap has nothing to do with it.

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