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December 06, 2020


Cop Car

They use your driveway for turn-arounds because you are religious about clearing it of snow? That's my guess. You had quite a bit of excitement for such a small street.

Temperature inversions do funny things - such as your receiving rain when the outside ambient temperature was below freezing.


The street was as clear as my driveway and has much more room (two 90* turns as to a literal 5-point turn would be much easier) - and that would not explain why it happens on a regular basis in the spring, summer and fall. Seriously, at least once a week I catch someone using it as a turn around and they will do it as I am getting mail or watering the front gardens. And I was seeing this even before I was working from home.

If there wasn't a road RIGHT THERE that will do the same job, it wouldn't irk me so much.

Cop Car

I failed to get that you were unhappy about the turn-around use. It's funny what bothers each of us. It sometimes bothers us that our long, straight stretch of (country) curbing is used as a parking lot by commercial vehicles and visitors to neighbors. That our wide, long, straight stretch of driveway seems inviting to those who need to turn around doesn't get so much attention from us since they are soon away.

Sending you a 2"D steel tubing constructed, hand-clapping motion, radio-controlled gate to put across the exit end of your drive - NOT. (The thought is what counts?)

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