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December 27, 2020


Cop Car

What a fancy plate of nachos - looking yummy. Super - that your mitigation efforts were quite effective. It's great that you didn't have much water in your garage. Thanks for the lovely photos!

P.S. The nachos that I made for your dad differed from yours in that I used triangular-shaped tortilla chips, I sliced & diced stuffed green olives rather than black, I added taco-style ground beef that I had fixed a few days before, & instead of sour cream, I drizzled molten Velveeta on top (the tortilla chips having been pre-heated with a bit of shredded cheddar, to coat).

P.P.S. A few weeks ago, I bought a jar of "Herdez Guacamole Salsa" (because I've used & liked "Herdez Salsa Verde". Haven't tried the guacamole salsa, but it looks yummy. Dillon's doesn't carry Herdez products, AFAIK, so it took my switching to shopping at the little WalMart for me to find these products. While I expect such products' jar contents to be labeled in fluid ounces, these are labeled by avoirdupois ounces - 16 for the salsa verde and 15.7 for the guacamole salsa.


I have some of the Herdez product also. It is a bit on the runny side for my liking to use on nachos, but it has a good flavor. I use it most often on a salad or if I make a bean dip instead of nachos. I am unsure if the local Shaw's carries it. I do know the several jars I got were from the Wally World in Concord.

Interesting on the fluid content - I just checked my jar and it is in fluid ounces with alternate measure in grams. Wonder why the difference? Maybe it's because we are much more likely to have French speaking people here as to Spanish speaking?

Cop Car

Your observation about runniness surely applies to the guacamole salsa that I opened a few days ago. It wasn't great on a tostado that I made; but, yesterday, I rewarmed a dish of chicken & rice (made with Campbell's cream of chicken with herbs soup, undiluted), sprinkling it with finely shredded cheddar, pouring some of the guacamole salsa over the top when it was removed from the microwave. It was yummy. It will take forever to finish off the jar by using it so sparsely, but it tastes great.

We are experiencing a heavy snow this morning - already a couple of inches, expecting another couple.


WE got a couple of inches of snow overnight, now it is misting "sleet".

Cop Car

That's not good. It makes things lovely - and treacherous.

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