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December 12, 2020


Cop Car

I know that people talk about the unfriendliness of large cities, and I'm certain they must have reason; but, in NYC, Chicago, Seattle, LA, San Fran, Albuquerque, St Louis, and KCMO, I nearly always found people to be helpful - in the case of some perverts too helpful, I'll admit. IMHO, cities comprise collections of neighborhoods and most neighborhoods act as small-to-medium-sized cities whose residents are helpful and friendly.

At any rate, just think of the pollution you saved us all by not making the woman's daughter come get her. If that were the only good that you did, it would have been a kindness well done. As it was, it also saved the woman some time and gave you a chance to actually listen to a person IRL.


"and gave you a chance to actually listen to a person IRL."

True that. I don't think I've actually talked face-to-face with another person that wasn't a dump attendant, store clerk, or in a line at a store since early October. And those certainly haven't been what you would call conversations, just pleasantries for a minute or two.

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