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December 06, 2020


Cop Car

I'm pretty sure that you are correct in thinking that you'll adjust your loading style. I like our new dishwasher much better than the old, now that I've figured it out.

Glad that you got what you wanted for Christmas. You must have been paying attention to yourself.
; )


We're looking at having to replace our portable dishwasher too. The only good part of it is that portables aren't in high demand and so once we order it we'll have it in less than a week.

Cop Car

It just occurred to me that you found a dishwasher in an almond finish. Well done! I had tried to find one and had to settle for a brushed aluminum finish.


Actually it is white. I was looking for black to match every single other appliance that is in the kitchen, but they don't make black. I could find black models from virtually every other brand, but not Farberware. I spent way too much time going back and forth between this one and two other brands - looking at reviews, looking at price and looking at the fact those others came in black.

In the end, the high reviews and low price of the Farberware got my brain where it needed to be to go with white.

I thought the color would bother me. But, it is on a microwave cart that has a light top, and the base is light wood. Plus it is separated from the countertops and fridge by a couple of feet, so it is fine. If I were keeping it on the dark green countertop I don't think I could deal with it being white - or at least would have severe tics every time I looked at it :)

Cop Car

In (online) shopping for our own, I noticed that some dishwashers came with capability to "slide-in" a panel of whatever one wished. That was on the really-high-end models, as I recall, to which I was not willing to go. Besides, I don't recall if any of the available "slide-ins" was any better than the brushed aluminum.

Can you cover your dishwasher sides & top with Harley magnets? *snickering*

Cop Car

P.S. I wasn't paying enough attention to your photos or I would have realized the whiteness.


"Can you cover your dishwasher sides & top with Harley magnets? *snickering*"

That would be one solution if it wouldn't mean I was picking up magnets all the time. Those are within cat reach and make great cat toys - and that slap, slap, slap sound the magnets make as the cats are trying to get them to disengage is annoying too.

I had to take the magnets off the side of the fridge because of that very issue after the youngsters got big enough to jump on the table (thus accessing the top of the dishwasher, which gives access to the top of the fridge). For some reason, the front of the fridge is usually safe, although at times some get knocked off. Although that probably has something to do with:
A) in the winter the top is covered with with wild bird food, so access is denied.
B) in summer, if the back door is open, its more fun to walk on top of the door and try to pick at the screen.

Cop Car

My snicker turned into a sustained chuckle.

I've never favored having "stuff" on my frig. For the past nearly 20 years, I've kept a magnet on the side of our frig because your dad brought it home from one of his Red Cross disaster relief assignments. It's cute - a wren sitting on a watering can.

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