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November 08, 2020


Cop Car

Love the bit about the chickadee. Sweet! Your new cabinets are (well, the one that is in the photo) very attractive.

No, before you ask, your dad and I are not driving to NH to help you get the old entertainment center moved out. *hysterical laughter* Too bad it wasn't home-assembled so that you could just de-assemble it.

Our leaves (well, technically, most of them are from our neighbors' trees) give me plenty of exercise in the front yard. The back yard (99.9999% our leaves) was getting so far ahead of me that I finally brought out the leaf blower. An hour later, one could hardly tell that I'd taken it down to green grass. All of the time I was working on it, the leaves were falling at the rate of several hundred/minute. Your dad has always wanted me to have the cottonwood tree taken out and it is getting to be so much work that I nearly agree to do it.

Tank tops in NH in November. Wonderful!


I got the entertainment center removed Sunday - all by myself. I'll post pics next weekend.

Cop Car

Wow! I'm impressed!

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