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November 01, 2020


Cop Car

Well done, Bogie. I would have wall-mounted my own TV (in my den); but, your dad has a coronary when I hang a calendar or picture, let alone anything that big.

Fortunately for you, your TV isn't a CRT. I remember when I changed out your dad's old CRT for a 36" flat screen. I positioned his recliner under the mantel on which the CRT stood, Extended it out so that the head of the recliner was in the "drop zone", and tipped the CRT forward letting gravity do the rest. Fortunately for me, it hit face-first on the head of the recliner and tumbled onto its side on the seat. Then, as you note, even a 36" flat screen was a challenge for me to lift up onto the mantel.

When the 36" flat screen proved too small for HH, I took it into my den as my own TV and bought him a 45" flat screen - which he helped me lift up onto the mantel. When HH's cataracts got bad, I wanted to get HH a 66" flat screen; but, he didn't want me to take down the cabinets above the mantel that limit the size of screen that will fit. Not that those cabinets are useful. They can't be opened even with the 45" TV in place and they hold our lifetime accumulation of DVR tapes that haven't been watched in 15 years.

Notice how I easily "blame" HH for everything? That's part of our bargain. We get to blame one another!


We have a 2008 or so flat screen. Its a freaking awesome TV with awesome picture. And I'm NOT looking forward to having to replace it. Cause yah, heavy as hell.....


Ruth, I understand - this old Samsung has a great picture and I hope it keeps going for many, many, many more years!

CC - I remember the old 36" CRT that we had before getting the flat screen (the one I currently have). I think that sucker was 80 pound. I can't say I approve of how you got that thing moved, but I guess it worked, so who am I to argue with success?

Cop Car

Bogie--There's an old saying that, if one understands mechanics, one can do anything. (I'm a firm believer.) As I recall, and it was a fortunate thing, your dad was away on assignment when I replaced the no-longer-functional CRT. He would have had a conniption fit. I had to take that sucker apart to cart it out to the curb for pickup.

I hate it when HH wants to help me with the heavy lifting because, as do many tall, thin people, he has troubles with his back. In fact, of our Wichita-area family, Rachie & I are the only ones who do not have back problems.

Cop Car

*snickering* Yes, Rachie and I are the shortest members - she being 1" taller than me.

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