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November 28, 2020


Cop Car

Good grief! Those are strange-looking new muscles that you've grown! I don't remember my mother ever mentioning a problem with her pneumonia shots nor do I recall having such a reaction to the two that I've had. I think one of them hurt, but it didn't make my arm swell up.

Your dad complained about the pneumonia shot that he was given in July but, again, I know his arm didn't swell up as much as did your arm.

However, since pneumonia was the proximate cause of my sister Wilma's death, our family has been vigilant about taking the shots, now that they are available.


My theory is that the Polysaccharide chain part of the vaccine (pneumococcal polysaccharide) was close enough to coconut, which I have become allergic to in the last 5 years.

And that is without any scientific research at all :)

Cop Car

Poly-who chain? That's why I dropped my original intention of minoring in chemical engineering. I couldn't pronounce the names, let alone remember them - and I did not proceed to the point of taking courses in organic chemistry that include the worst. I'll take your word for it.

Your grandmother S was allergic to everything that grew (well...I think it was all/nearly all fruits) so you and Wonderful GrandDaughter come by your allergies honestly.


The key part is the "saccharide" part - sugar of any type is a saccharide.

I didn't know that about Grandma S. Hmm, maybe that is why I get way excessive gas from any fruit but bananas. I mean seriously - I can eat 1 grape and I blow up. A quarter of an apple (even peeled), pears etc. Even dried fruits like raisins and cranberries. Course I also get a lot of gas from raw green beans and peas too.

Cooking fruits to mush (and cooking peas/beans to softness)b helps and I don't remember strawberries having that affect (but, I haven't had strawberries for a long time so may be misremembering).

Cop Car

I feel for you. Your dad could live on strawberries, so I serve them to him frequently. For years, though, he has taken "Gas-X" or some such OTC pill - mostly, I think, for milk products when he first started it at least. I can only include a small amount of cruciferous veggies in anything that I serve him.

Me? For at least 70 years I've had an agreement with my digestive system: I feed it, regularly, and it doesn't complain. The closest thing to a complaint that it gives me is when I over-indulge in your saccharides which act as a mild laxative.


I used to have the same agreement with my digestive system. Just over the last 10-12 years it has rebelled. First it was oysters and clams, then fruits and some vegies, then coconut.

At least I don't have to completely avoid fruits and vegies, just be aware of the consequences and limit my intake. Shellfish and coconut are a completely different story and I can't have them at all.

Cop Car

I feel for you. I would be in real trouble were my body to start rejecting things. Even since my doc diagnosed me as having "seasonal allergies", I've seldom noticed anything that would make me agree - although - I'm sure that she's right. I didn't get that far in med school, as your dad keeps reminding me.

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