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November 22, 2020


Cop Car

Happy to hear that you did receive those shots, Bogie. I'm sorta chuckling over your last paragraph. "They" usually (and are supposed to give the patient a sheet of paper outlining info about the shot prior to injection. In fact, I've always had to sign a waiver saying that I read the paper - whether I bothered to read it or not.

I don't remember anything about my pneumonia shot (maybe it's time for another?) but I do remember that one or the other of the Shingrix shots really made my arm hurt. Don't remember having chills or anything like that, though, for any shot I've ever had.

Cop Car

P.S. Hope you get over the side effects quickly. You're right that it is worrying during these times, of course.


Found out Dudetted had reaction to the same Shingles shot that I had (Recombinant Zoster). She had hives over her entire body, but didn't get any of the symptoms I listed. I assumed the illness was from the Shingles shot, since it is the one that listed all those symptoms on the data sheet. However, some or all of them could have been from the pneumonia shot (although it just listed tiredness and fever). Guess I'll find out when I have to get the second shot in March.

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