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November 09, 2020


Cop Car

Cool video, Bogie. About those "training wheels". Obviously, they are there because a fully fueled aircraft's wings might touch the ground otherwise. Not so obvious is the fact that I had to do the forces on those wheels, in 1974, which involved rotating those forces through 4 or 5 successive vector rotations to get them in terms of aircraft coordinates. My kind of fun!

Cop Car

P.S. Note that the B-52 in the video has a tall vertical fin/tail; thus, it is one of the earlier models.


Yes, those extremely long wings need the wheels there. I didn't realize that you had worked on those - how cool is that?

Interesting about the tail fin - I didn't know that. Now I'll have to go search for pics of newer versions.

Cop Car

Adding to the effect of the long wings is their flexibility. Don't quote me because I'm going from memory: I believe the wings could flex upward 25-26 feet and downward about 16 feet. For visual comparison of the flexure in other aircraft models' wings in testing, go to this interesting posting.

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