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October 18, 2020


Cop Car

Your state derives such beauty from its massive number of maple trees. You have quite the variety of maples, yourself - well chosen. All of your maple photos are gorgeous!

Your dad and I were rooting for you as we saw the predictions/reports of rain in New England. Yay, for you!

I'm surprised that it was still warm enough for you to do the priming; but, happy that you could get it done.


I had to wait for a day that it would be warm enough to prime and then got lucky as we got a warm front in last weekend so I could paint. Since the primer needed 7 days to "set" completely, I really figured it would not get painted until next spring.

Most of this past week was in the mid 50's to upper 60's. Since it was cloudy most of the time, the night time temps didn't get very low (I think the lowest was one morning at 47*). Yesterday afternoon a cold front started rolling in and most mornings should be below freezing this coming week.

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