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October 25, 2020


Cop Car

Beautiful trees, Bogie. When I enlarged the photo to see the background tree, per your suggestion, it came up on its side. (You just wanted to see if my neck would bend, didn't you?) Nice background!

You've not yet seen any flakes? We should see some in the next 24-48 hours. I may not make it to my appointed grocery shopping (6-7am, Tuesday) if the freezing rain/snow that is predicted makes it in.

Cop Car

BTW: Your Japanese Maple has a really cute keeper.


Just got our first snow Thursday of about 2". Still being in severe drought (we need 11" of moisture to get back to normal), makes snow tough to come by. Although we did go thru three days of mist and occasional rain, that ended up accumulating to about 1/2" of moisture during the early part of last week when the temps were 35-45* (highs and lows). I can't make new posts thru Typepad right now for some reason, so this will have to do for your weekly update :)

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