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September 13, 2020


Cop Car

And, here I felt good about getting our curbing swept this morning. (I did a few other things and will go out, again, after I've cooled down; but, I no longer do anything like the amount of effort that you put it. Not sure that I ever did!)

I liked the Rose of Sharon bush by the corner of our garage WIWAK in Kansas City. We kids would use the buds as the kids now use sidewalk chalk.

Cap stones have been known to improve the appearance of many a wall. Yours looks quite nice!

I'd never heard of turtle head plants nor do the blossoms trigger any sign of recognition.


Oh, I didn't do ALL that work at one time. I had started the rock wall a couple weeks ago. It still isn't complete at the top and probably won't be until next year. This summer was just way too hot to get much work done outside.

Now that you mention it, I believe I remember the RoS bush by the garage. I certainly had no idea what type of bush it was, and I don't have memory of it blooming. But they are a later summer bloomer, and I usually was there in early to middle summer, so that makes sense.

Turtle heads are native to the east (both north and south). They like a bit of shade and moist ground, so there really isn't a reason that you would be familiar with them,

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