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September 20, 2020


Cop Car

It sounds as though you think fall/winter might be in the offing, Bogie. It's always a good thing to keep ahead, if one can.

You take after your Grandma H in going barefoot. Of course, so do I although, in the winter, I usually wear socklets around the house - makes it easier for me to soak up little drops of water that I tend to drip around in the kitchen, breakfast room, & mud room.

I think that our heating system has kicked in one night - 2 or 3 weeks ago when we had a sudden dip into the 40s. It kicks in when the house temp gets below 68 (cooling kicks in above 78).

Our air has been really smoky (from CA, OR fires) for the past several days, but supposed to thin out during the coming week.

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