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September 20, 2020


Cop Car

It gets expensive in time/money to clean up with the wildlife with which we compete. At least you won't have to replace the feeder. That bear was feeling its Wheaties to have bent the T-bar and cast iron (?) pole; although, I'm wondering if you meant wrought iron since cast iron is brittle enough that I would expect it to break rather than bending?

It is handy (for all the Wichita-area family) that WichiDude still has his red truck. He can haul anything that is too large for my car or their SUVs - such as the extension ladder that he took to the girls a couple of weeks ago (sanitized, masked, & properly distanced).


no kennel panels available here either.


I don't know the difference between cast and wrought, so you are probably correct CC. All I know is that sucker was heavy duty. Couldn't even find something comparable to it now (and I got that in 2013 or 2014 locally). I tried leverge bending and when that didn't do anything, I banged on it about 30 times with a sledge hammer trying to get the bend out and all it did was scuff the paint. I have no idea how the bear bent it without it popping out of the ground first.

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