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August 30, 2020


Cop Car

Until a few weeks ago I had only seen female ruby-throats around our yard/feeder. The first male that I saw was doing his courting dance, dipping about the female as she sat at the feeder ignoring him. Lately, the male has been coming to the feeder, alone, and two females have chased one another away from the feeder at other times. As I recall, males and females don't migrate together; but, my memory of which arrives/leaves earlier is not dependable.

Your drought has lasted too long. Glad you got a little and wish more for you. We received 1.35" Friday night/yesterday morning (cold front passage rather than from Laura remnants as was the case for your rain). It had mostly stopped by the time I went out for my walk (left the house at 6:20). I told your dad that I got less wet on my walk than does he, normally, from sweat.

I'm a bit dizzy this morning, but hoping it passes before 8:00am so that I can get some more edging done while the weather is cooler.

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