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August 02, 2020


Cop Car

Sorry, Sweetie, you inherited those close-set eyes from my side of the family (my dad's, to be more specific). I did, indeed, want you to know it was an issue. As to researching: I had every confidence that other than the interpupillary distance you would have no trouble digging it all out and figuring it all out, yourself. You did an excellent job. I especially thought you brilliant for buying the Bushnell as well as the Zeiss.

Although I've never put straps on the binoculars that I carry in our cars nor on the stabilized pair that abides on the kitchen window shelf, I need/have needed straps on binoculars for when I tramp out in the field. I spent decades going out on "bird walks" and, now, I go out in our woods. I replaced the strap on my 8x42 Leitz binoculars with a nylon, woven strap that I saw in a camera shop during a trip to Kansas City when I was working with FEMA for the Red Cross. I don't recall what took me to the shop to begin with.

Lens caps are probably a necessity for one with cats. Personally, the only lens caps that I use are on the binoculars that are in the cars. One pair has caps for both eyepiece and objective lenses while the other has caps for only the objective lenses, larger lenses being more at risk. The "attached" lens caps are much better than the old lens caps that were just more pieces to lose.

For the past 40 years, I've not carried binoculars in their cases; but, if I'm on travel, I stick them into a clean Ziploc bag which goes into my ruck sack or field bag.

Thanks for the informative posting. It's always good to know how things are working out. I'll be looking forward to updates as you accumulate more experience with your two new binoculars. Well done!

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