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July 04, 2020


Cop Car

Now I understand your many showers, Bogie. Good plan! Such a pretty color on the day lily that is on the tier above the butterfly bush. All of your lilies are pretty.

I'm exhausted from your thorn removal work (really shows up in your "before" and "after" photos). I may need to rest before I go outside to start pulling creepers out of our woods. (I need a team of 12 people to come in for a couple of weeks to pull it out for me!) I think it is still relatively cool out there, so will put on my gardening shirt (long sleeves to ward off sun) and get to it.

Cop Car

As I was donning my gardening shirt, I realized that today is Sunday - watering-the-trees day; so, instead of pulling creepers, I watered trees, roses, and tomatoes. Suddenly, tomatoes are actually ripening up on at least four of my tomato vines.

Cop Car

It is hot/humid enough out there that I didn't even try to wind up the hose when I finished. I was beet red and much in need of watering myself. Splashing cold water on face, neck, arms, legs and turning on the overhead fan (and pinning up my hair) has started me on the cool-down process. Why it doesn't occur to me to water myself along with the trees is beyond me.


Maybe you could rent goats or sheep to get rid of those creepers :)

Cop Car

I've thought of that.

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