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July 05, 2020


Cop Car

Binoculars break. It isn't clear from the photo whether your binoculars are repairable; but, I can tell you that (monetarily) they aren't worth worrying about and that I would be pleased to "treat" you to a replacement pair. Unfortunately, about 30 years ago (really?!!!) I learned that the binoculars that my folks gave me for high school graduation were too old to get replacement parts. Back before I had my own binoculars, an older woman in our birding community loaned me an old pair of hers - which broke while I was using them and which, like mine much later, were not repairable. As you well know, we keep three pairs of fairly good binoculars about the house to help us grab a pair when we need them. In addition, we have three cheap pairs in our cars/on standby.

You take after my mother in mowing all of those yards. She didn't have large yards; but, she mowed her own, the yards next door (she and Dad owned that house), and the yards of at least one (usually, two) of her neighbors. That was her exercise program.

Your sod is looking good. Green! And...I like that you got the squirrel. Yes, rock pigeons come in all sorts of colors and combinations. I tend to favor the ones with a lot of white on them. Well...as much as I can favor any invasive species - lol.


That would be great if you sent me a replacement pair.

As for repair, probably not worth it, if parts could be found - which I can't find repair parts for this particular model (eye piece sure, but not the distal lens screw in portion. Doesn't mean a shop couldn't find the part, but minimum charge would probably be prohibitive.

I would rather see more mourning doves - I get some, but more pigeons.

Cop Car

I wouldn't, anymore, attempt to try to buy you a pair without your trying them. I blogged about binoculars and I've sent you a check. (I put the envelope in the mailbox, yesterday; but, it may have been picked up today. Dunno.)

I hope you can find something that works for you. In the meantime, I can recommend that you go online to order a pair of Alpen or Vortex binoculars. If you buy the 8x26, I'm pretty sure they would work for you; but, you would want a larger objective lens for the light-gathering capability for your "permanent" pair, I think. Good luck!


Thank you in advance!

I have no idea what the numbers mean; 7x35 (broken pair), 8x26? Also unsure what the 357 feet at 1000 yards mean. I'm completely clueless - please help educate me (even if you do it on your blog).

Cop Car


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