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May 10, 2020


Cop Car

Thank you so much, Sweetheart. eCards are always welcome - especially, these days. Posting in your blog is a bonus, thank you.

In early February, I bought cards to get us through June. I try to send them early enough that they can sit in the recipient's "in basket" or mailbox for a few days to allow disassembly of any virus pieces. Of course, neither stamp nor flap is licked and I wash my hands before handling! Starting in July, we'll probably follow your lead in sending eCards.


I'm not so worried about germs from/to family since it takes about 3 days to get between, but how many people have handled it in the transition? Although I let my mail sit for 3 days before opening, I've still transported from my mailbox (and then thoroughly wash my hands once it is sitting on my "hold" counter). But, with older family members (my sister is >60 for goodness sake), and an immuno-compromised niece, it gives me peace of mind knowing I have done the best I could to keep them safe in this small way.

Cop Car

Everyone in our family is being very careful. We old people thank you. It is worrisome what is happening with the really young kids, lately. It seems to me that their having the virus sets them up for developing toxic shock. Bummer.

I wonder about the daughter of your cousin in California, with her Lupus.

We yelled across the front lawn to your sister and bil, this afternoon. They brought a bunch of home made foods so that we won't starve, and Mother's Day card so that it wasn't contaminated by handling at USPS. (As I always brag, our kids are the best!)

Cop Car

P.S. I failed to make it clear that WichiDude and Dudette made it a "no contact" delivery.


I think "yelled across the lawn" should be the new moniker for no contact :)

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