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May 17, 2020


Cop Car

Wonderful flora, Bogie. I would not have recognized the lupines. (Looking forward to your photos when they have grown larger. The Tahiti daffodils are stunners - and - just look at how healthy your hostas are beside your creeping phlox. Spring has well and truly arrived in your gardens.

You spoil your birds; but, they are so beautiful and the orioles must serenade you from the tree tops.


I have never before put out fruit for birds. I saw a post on the local FB page that our local TV station hosts, where a guy put out oranges and had orioles almost immediately. I figured I normally though the end of navnl oranges in the3 ocmpost pile, so I might as well see if they attracted anything. Okay, buying the bag of oranges primarily for the birds is a bit of spoilage :)

Cop Car

Years ago, I put out halves of citrus fruits; but, never drew/saw an oriole. Once or twice I've seen an oriole at the hummingbird feeder.

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