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April 12, 2020


Cop Car

You are so organized! If only your mother took after you!

I think I mentioned that a squirrel stuffed itself on daffodil bulbs that I had planted around a little tree last fall; but, it turns out that the squirrel got such a minor fraction that I don't even begrudge it.

My gamble garden of five goodly-sized tomato plants got sucker-punched by the several hours of 25-degree temps that we had a couple of weeks ago. The main stems were still green, so I watered them; but, we're to have 2 or 3 nights of lows in the high 20s, this week. I'll have to try again if I can easily find tomato plants, again.


Well, I'm still trying to figure out those holes. This week, the foliage for the bulbs sprang up so I should get some color for spring

Hope your tomatoes pull thru - those temps on several nights in a row don't make it likely though.

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