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April 19, 2020


Cop Car

You got a covering! BTW: You've probably told us, previously, but what is in the pot on your ramp's railing?


That is a red Maple tree sapling. Work was giving away saplings for National Arbor Day last year, and that is what they issued. Don't know where I'll put it, so potted up for now.

Cop Car

Aha! I've received two of those, for free, from the National Arbor Society - different years. Eventually, Wonderful GrandDaughter took one. It had grown so large by the time WGD took it that it got cut off about a foot above the ground when they came to transplant it; but, it has done well. Dudette was to have taken the other; but, it too was getting too large for the holding spot in which I had put it, so that is the maple that I transplanted out by the gingko a few weeks ago.

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