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March 08, 2020


Cop Car

Good news on the maple syrup, Bogie. The paths that you had blown gave you a head start in de-snowing. I probably couldn't get a decent bowl of ice cream out of your yard, now. Glad you missed a heavy Nor'easter.

This week I data mined your grma & grpa H's planner for 1979. The first few weeks of the year (especially the first week) was filled with notations of record breaking cold and snowy days. I didn't mine most of the weather data, but it was interesting to visit.


Hu, that year doesn't stand out to me weather-wise. I do remember one year we had extreme cold and snow - this must have been when I was 15 or 16. I walked to bowling during one of those days (what, 2 miles away?) to find that they had never even opened the building. I was walking back against the strong wind , and blowing snow, and stopped at Pizza Johns to warm up. They were so kind to me - opening their doors to me even thought they weren't yet open for business.

After I warmed up, I trekked my way home. I think I spent most of that time walking backwards to protect my face from the wind.

I remember another year (much younger) where we couldn't open the front door because of the build up of snow. Dad opened a garage door and started shoveling his way out.

Cop Car

I'm sure that you are remembering on Sunrise, where, because we were at a low point of our street, and at a bend, the howling north wind piled snow in our driveway and against the front of the house. When you were much younger, still (18 mos - 2 years?), I recall (on Park Lane) your getting stuck in a snow drift on the steps of the front porch. Cruel mother that I was, I took your photo before rescuing my crying babe. Did you ever forgive me?

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