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March 01, 2020


Cop Car

I hadn't thought about your keeping records on your pellet use; but, it makes sense that you would. Well done! You do a lot of path clearance.


Need to keep the way to the propane tanks clear. Also clear a path from the front to both gates (in case of fire - with lots of fire breathers in the house, want the FD to be able to get in if ever needed). A path from the gate to the mulch pile (which the neighbor kids use to cut across between streets). And then the path way in back, and from the gate to that path are for water drainage.


As far as pellet usage tracking; the first couple of years I didn't track it - I started the winter of 2017/2018.

But, other people on a forum I frequent track it and I thought it was a good idea. That way I could understand how much I use, thus how much I need to have on hand. I don't get caught by a shortage if it is a tough season. Of course they had the fire sales of pellets (mild winter) spring of 2016, so I didn't care how much I used that winter since I was sitting on 11 tons.

Tracking also allows me to see approximately how much I spend per year to heat. I wish I HAD started tracking 2014/2015 (1st full season of heating with pellets) as that was a very cold and snowy winter. The basement wasn't fully insulated yet, the wall between the workshop and heater room hadn't been knocked out, and the floor was bare concrete. That would have helped me understand more the effects of all the changes.

Cop Car

That would have been an interesting comparison to have made - somewhat insulated vs not at all.

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