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January 05, 2020


Cop Car

Who would have thought that ice would have the tensile strength to withstand being cantilevered out that far? Yikes!

Good news for the new year: I discovered, this morning, that I still had my contacts preserved from 1/19/2019 which was, presumably, the last time my phone would sync with my (old) computer. You may recall that I had to import your dad's (at least) 2-year-old contacts from his old computer when he gave me my new computer - because I had, a couple of months previously, managed to wipe out my Outlook files. Too bad I never used Outlook on my phone so that I could have those email files. I'm just happy to have been able to import those additional contacts into my (new) computer - and - swap out my own version of contacts for the people whom your dad and I had in common.

While you've been getting the snow & blow, we've been having (mostly) sunny and (mostly) light winds - below 15 mph.


My first thought when I read "I discovered, this morning, that I still had my contacts preserved from 1/19/2019" was "why in the heck is she still buying cotacts, she hasn't worn them for years?"

Of course reading further revealed my mistake :)

Glad you found them so you have more up-to-date information.

Cop Car

Thanks for the chuckle, Bogie. I hadn't thought about the double meaning of my statement. At that, it took me a sec to catch up with you.

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