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January 12, 2020


Cop Car

Good on you for thinking to take the photos that you did take. It is the "before" photos that I forget to take.

Had I a mass of thorny stuff with which to work, I should surely follow many of your suggestions. As is, I've managed to keep the green briars from forming masses - for the most part. I would love to do that work when it is cool enough that I shouldn't overheat, though. I would be wearing jeans & tee shirt, pigskin gloves, knee-high mucking boots, an old cotton shirt, a sun visor, and my glasses. Thus equipped, I would get tired before overheating!


Believe me, I wasn't wearing a jacket and multiple layers on my legs because I was cold. Only way to keep from being injured. I still have a couple of holes in my thighs (least protected areas, where thorns still got thru. They are almost healed up though.

Cop Car

Understood! I usually come in with a few streaks of blood - not noticed until I start to change clothing.

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