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January 19, 2020


Cop Car

Looks/sounds good, Bogie. Thanks for the recipe. (I'll be using regular rolled oats and pico de gallo - both, staples in my kitchen.

Too, in my freezer are salmon patties. They don't say "gluten free"; but, neither do they list anything as an ingredient that I know to contain gluten - yeast? Actually, I prefer home made; but, nice to have on hand. I would not have thought to add any sauce, though.


Yeast should be fine. If a product doesn't say that it is gluten free, I normally look for Wheat as an ingredient since that is what I am sensitive to. However, for those truly allergic to gluten, the catch all terms of "spices" and "flavorings" can be a warning sign also. And of course, I watch for coconut, because I have a true allergy to that.

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