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November 03, 2019


Cop Car

Sounds great, Bogie! That is one way you take after your dad: you are willing to do the research. With age, I've gotten into doing less-and-less research on my personal stuff (and I didn't start out doing the amount that you two do) so I appreciate your willingness.

Your dad has been bugging me for several years to let him buy me a new phone; but, I don't really need/want internet access, and I do want some of the other smart phone features. Like you, my phone is on the latest OS it will handle, but not high enough to get support or talk to any of my computers. Windows 10 assured that I would never again be able to sync. Since Verizon tells me they will no longer provide service to old phones like me, within a few months, I am getting pushed. Perhaps you've done the research for me. I'm just too cheap to subscribe to data service when I won't use it!

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