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November 28, 2019



I bought a wireless mouse in 2014 and I think I've changed the batteries in it once. Admittedly, for the last year its not been my main mouse (I now use a vertical mouse at my desktop due to hand problems, I need to splurge on a wireless one), but 2014 to 2018 with only one battery change is pretty darn good IMO. The matching wireless keyboard came with a built in rechargeable battery that charged by plugging into the USB cord from to the computer when it wasn't in use. Unfortunately too many spilled coffees killed that one in 2017, and I now use a wired splash proof keyboard that I actually like ALOT and am willing to put up with a cord for.

Cop Car

Bogie & Ruth: You are getting your money's worth from those batteries. I think the battery(ies?) in HH's mouse lasted about two years; but, at our age, two years just whizzes by! (You'll understand when you get that old - lol.)

My preference for wired is probably just a personal idiosyncrasy for which it was idiotic of me to try to make excuses. Like Popeye, I yam what I yam.

Bogie--I appreciate your showing your computer setups. I had tried to cheat, when researching what computers to buy - by seeing what it was that you had bought - and why. But...I failed to find the posting you had done on your choice. (That's one of my lifetime shortcuts: cadging onto someone else's research, when ethical & possible. When HH wanted to buy me a calculator in the late 1970s, I asked a guy at work what he would buy if I gave him $xxx. He came up with the HP 19-C, which HH bought, and it was wonderful.)

Cats are a whole 'nuther consideration. One of my friends at the senior center always blames her cat for any computer problems. She says the cat prances about on her keyboard.

Cop Car

Bogie--Your having clued me in that your new computer was purchased last summer, I found your older posting. Had I previously found it, it would probably have led me to the same machines that HH and I bought - HP Envy Desktop 795-30xt and 795-40qd, respectively. Dang! I had to figure that out all by myself!


I find its worth it to spend a little more on good quality name brand batteries. Energizer or Duracell Coppertops cost more up front, but they last longer. Buy'em by the brick at your local big box store. I've never been happy with the staying power of the off brand batteries.

the other bonus of wireless mouse/keyboard, I can hook up the TV to my computer and play games on my TV from the couch ;)

Cop Car

Ruth--I so agree on your sage advice about batteries, and that is exactly what/how we buy them.

That gaming stuff from the couch should lead me to make some tacky comment about lazy habits; but, I am the Queen of Lazy!


I usually buy batteries in 8 packs because I don't use many and I have enough extras of everything else that I don't feel like having a bunch of batteries (2 extra per size is fine - just not 20). But I do buy name brands.

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