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November 30, 2019


Cop Car

Awww...Does Rainy know how cute she is? Good luck on the caulking. You worked hard enough getting to that stage that we really, really want it to set up right.

Since retirement, I am especially religious about staying at the house on Black Friday. I understand that Black Friday is actively being discouraged in some places (of Europe?) for the problems in incurs such as encouraging needless consumerism. Sounds like you stuck with things you needed. Well done!


No caulk missing after my shower this morning - I'll take that as a good sign.

The only discouragement that I am aware of in the US is for Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving (some places opened at 2 pm Thursday). It started off as consumerism and then people were upset that other people were working during family time. IDK, for those who have no family, need the money (and probably making 2x hourly wage), or just want something to do, I don't see an issue. If they are "forced" to work on Thursday, that is an entirely different matter.

This year I heard much less about it than in previous years.

Cop Car

Congratulations, Bogie, on one more job well done!


From my own experience working retail: if your company opens its stores on Thanksgiving you are "forced" to work it. Its not a choice if you want to keep your job. Now yes, retail jobs are a dime a dozen, so in that sense its not "forced" really. But no one wants to go into the next job interview and tell them that you quit your job at X store because you didn't want to work a holiday, cause trust me, that won't go over well.

thankfully my current employer seems to be uninterested in opening on Thanksgiving, or even having special hours on Friday. So I'm set for now!

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