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September 08, 2019


Cop Car

Hmmm...it's been so long since I had Lillies of the Valley that I failed to recall that they produced berries. You reminded me that I want to plant some along the edges of the woods, here.

Well done on the Monarch situation. You did your part!

Tall, spindly trees are a challenge. I cut one down this week that wasn't more than 5" or 6" in diameter; but, when I finally got it to fall on the ground, it turned out that it had been entangled with the branches of the large trees - about 40 feet up. I had to saw that sucker into three pieces to stack it.

Cop Car

P.S. Your Autumn Fire is beautiful. Sadly, my Autumn Joy, although hanging in there, doesn't look that well.


Caterpillar was no where to be seen today. Couldn't find a chrysalis either. Can't imagine a bird getting it, so my guess would be that it crossed over to another plant to prepare for its change.

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