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September 29, 2019


Cop Car

Autumn crocus? Never heard of it. It has such a delicate beauty! Love all of your other plant photos. In your next life you should become a horticulturist.

I really like poke weed - probably because we ate poke and dock that mom picked along roadsides when I was a kid. I spent a lot of time, this summer, pulling/digging up poke plants that had become overly abundant. I let them get away from me. There are still some plants back in the woods - which I'm trying to keep to a reasonable lot.

Your rudbeckia and echinacea (?) are pretty. I planted a couple of pots of Indian blankets and seeded some kind of coneflower in my "little meadow" at the edge of HH's good grass, in back.


I had never heard of Autumn crocus either, but I was given a bulb about a month ago with instructions to plant it now. The official name is colchicum waterlily if you want to look it up.

Still waiting for Saffron crocus (sativus) to make an appearance (bulbs also given to me at the same time)

Cop Car

It will be interesting to see if the Saffron crocus works out as well. Your dad and I are happy that you take after your grandmothers - each of whom was happy with her hands in the dirt producing lovely flowers. Yours are so wonderful!

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