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September 22, 2019


Cop Car

You did well, finding that doctor, Bogie. It sounds like she helps you make the most of your eyes. I loved your grandmother, and I wish she hadn't had the health problems to pass down. It was no fun for her, and worrisome to her inheritors.


Driving was good - better than my previous contacts which had a limited number of orientations that could be used. Despite the limitations of my old contacts, at least I could drive at night - with glasses that is not an option because of all the stars, smears, ghosts and doubling/tripling. With glasses, even on dark roads, my headlights hitting white objects produced the effect - much less headlights and taillights from other cars.

Cop Car

Yes, remembering from the days in which I wore contacts, I know the (what I call) haloing is worse with glasses. I always felt that if I could really clean the lenses of my glasses, I could get rid of most of it; but, never succeeded. I don't notice it very much, now, and I'm pretty sure that your haloing would put mine to shame! Maybe my cataracts were the reason for most of mine; but, that was so long ago that I doubt they played a role.

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