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August 11, 2019


Cop Car

Thanks for explaining "parging". It seems to me that I've seen the word, before (maybe on your blog?), but didn't know what it meant then or now. Who knew that heat was so deadly to masonry? (I would have blamed damage on moisture and figured that the heat baked the moisture damage. Moisture is always the culprit in my imagination!) Are you going to place a heat shield there?

Learn to paint/parge left-handed!

Time for your episodic fitness bout with bags of pellets.

Cop Car

Am I wrong in imagining that I see damage creeping up from the bottom of the wall - as pictured in your previous posting to which you linked?


Yes, the damage started low since that is where the exhaust and engine are. But, the picture from last year also is from a different perspective and the bike is not even close to the wall (and not where normally parked), so it looks like it has grown massively since then when in reality it has been a slow creeping damage.

Well, I suppose it could be water damage, but that wall doesn't leak and all that damage is below the frost line. Since the paint got baked off first, I'm pretty sure my bike doesn't spray water at the wall, and I believe concrete needs a certain amount of moisture to stay stable, my assumption is that it is getting baked to a to-dry point. Of course, I could be wrong.

Cop Car

You are undoubtedly right that the high heat is causing the concrete to dehydrate, Bogie. Your observations are certainly much more meaningful than my idle thoughts - lol. Good luck!

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