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July 20, 2019


Cop Car

Beautiful blossoms and foliage, you have, Bogie. I'm pretty sure you didn't get your start from me; but, I have 6-8 daylilies like the one in the 3rd from top photo. I had 3 of them transplanted and they are a bit tall for their new home (of 3 years' standing) so I may be moving them, again.

I had to look up which variety of nine bark I planted where (and my memory was incorrect on the positions!) to confirm that your photo looks like our Coppertina (only 1 of the 2 of which has survived). Our other three (Little Devils) are somewhat less colorful. Perhaps you can tell more about yours as it gets older.

I do love the look of the Japanese maples and always wanted one but feared it would take too much care here in Kansas.

How do you get the yucca to thrive? I always associate yucca with desert climes. Am I wrong, is yours a special variety, or what?


I ignore the yucca and it does fine. Those were already here when I moved in. I too thought that yucca would need a different climate, but apparently not.

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