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July 12, 2019




Cop Car

Beautiful, beautiful, Bogie. You should start a landscaping service with your training and experience! (Of course, unless it would make it feasible for you to quit your day job, you already have enough to do!)

It IS very nice to be able to step on concrete/rock instead of on dirt/mulch. I've been using a bunch of those round, exposed aggregate concrete stepping stones that I had stored under the back porch - to give me places to step in the planting beds along the driveway AND among foundation plantings.

Cop Car

P.S. How did you get the boulder(s) in place? I know that you are strong, but that seems a bit much.


Looks Cool


How did I get the boulders in place? Rolling and pry bar. For one, I made a ramp of smaller rocks then rolled the larger rock up to its final resting spot.

Remember, that rock wall was already there, I just disassembled it and then put it back together in a more organized fashion. And, the really big one behind the butterfly bush on the left never got moved as it was in a fine place and was mostly free of the vines I was chasing and ripping out.

Cop Carq

Understanding mechanics lets us do nearly anything. As I've said, before, well done!

Cop Car

Well, duh! I just figured out that this wall is the same one you had written/photoed about in "Rocking it". For some reason, I had in mind that the previous posting was on the other side of your yard. (Your mother has lost it!)


Yeah, same rock wall, just prettier with the garden in front now.

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