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July 28, 2019


Cop Car

The critters are lucky to have you as their "mom". The health reports are great news!

I failed to recall that you had any air conditioning. Good show! I'm sure that, as does our open stairway, your open stairway lets the cool air pool in the basement. (Your dad freezes in his den during the summer - keeping his oscillating heater fired up. What was I thinking? Having the stairway enclosed wasn't really feasible with the stairs in the placement in which I put them. Drat!)


I'm not sure I mentioned that I had gotten the portable A/C since the way more exciting news was that I had picked up the kittens.

The air flow between the basement and main floor is not good. That is the reason I had to resort to two pellets stoves - I couldn't get hot air to rise (or at least not well) and it was 90* downstairs to keep the living room at 68 (and forget the bedrooms that were in the mid, and sometimes lower 50's).

The kitchen is one of the warmer rooms since I have the portable A/C air stream pointed down the hall and the window A/C is pointed at the bathroom. Plus, for the most part, I keep the main floor warmer than the basement is naturally.

Cop Car

Since we've never done much outdoor cooking, when we had a window a/c unit (purchased before you were born, when we lived on Lakeview and then moved to Park Lane), we installed it in the window above our (only) eating table - as close to the kitchen as was feasible. Since neither house had a total wall between the eating area and the living room area, that worked fairly well - as long as we weren't trying to sleep. We had (nor needed) a/c in Seattle and the Sunrise house was built with central a/c. I had a roof-mounted, whole-house swamp cooler in ABQ, you may recall.

Cop Car

Of course, I omitted "no" in writing about Seattle.

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