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July 20, 2019


Cop Car

You make a habit of over-paying on loans - lol. As I recall, you got a tidy sum after over-paying on a mortgage about 20 years ago. Of course, that time, it was the mortgage holder's fault for having miscalculated the interest due!

Good show!


Well at that point, I just had the schedule to go by, and since I just had no idea what I had left, I just kept paying until I knew I had hit the total $$ on the schedule. Back then I wasn't on the net (few were), so I didn't have access to a calculator. The onus was on the lender to figure it out. Fortunately I was dealing with an honest lender :)

Cop Car

If you didn't really track/compute your excess payment effects, you came amazingly close. Kudos!

You keep telling me that you are not an engineer; but, you keep showing the skills of one. Being able to "ballpark" calculations is another one of those.

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