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May 11, 2019


Cop Car

Wonderful, wonderful - and lovely! I like the look of a stump, now and then; but, now I know what to send you on the next gifting occasion: an axe. That, at least, is what I use to attack stumps that I don't find lovely. I bought a wedge, but I drive it into whatever with Dad's old sledge hammer (the handle to which I had replaced a few years ago) too far and then can't get it out. Yes, I know, wedges are normally used to split firewood that is already cut to length. Not one of my brighter ideas.

Cop Car

P.S. Wow! 5' is a long crow bar. Since we keep our 3' crow bar in the shop (in the basement) and my 18" prybar isn't long enough, I keep a 5' length of 2x4 in the garage as a lever - usually used in regard to the riding mower.

When I get the mower stuck in the mud, I can lever the sucker out. When I need to remove a wheel assembly from the mower, I use that 2x4 to lift that quadrant of the mower, then insert a concrete block (fake rock) on end with a 2"x6"x10" scrap of lumber flat atop it to support the mower at that corner. (Your dad just shakes his head.)


I meant to write "pry bar" instead of crow bar. It is about 15 pounds with a nice pointed tip so it can be slammed into the ground to get under the rock/root, trunk or whatever you are trying to pry up.

Cop Car

I should have known since you have previously written about using your pry bar.

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